The Teacher Trainings

We will be teaching all aspects, anatomical, energetic and teaching methodology concurrently throughout the duration of the training.  This will give students the time to incorporate it all holistically.  Much of the learning will be active and hands on, students will be provided with both study materials and an active manual to complete as they learn and experience the practice.

Jade and Emily welcome people from all backgrounds to attend this training.  Ideal for practicing Yoga teachers looking for more experience and/or a new facet of the yoga practice to offer their students.  It is suitable for passionate students wanting to deepen their own practice.  This course is also perfect for bodyworkers wanting to expand the ways in which they can help their clients.

Topics Covered




Energetics of Yin Yoga

Meridian and 5 element theory
Meridian line mapping
Shen and Ko cycle
Yin Yoga and the mind

Functional Anatomy and Applied Yin Yoga

Structure and function of the skeletal and muscular system
Spinal range of motion and articulation of the pelvis
Demystifying tension vs compression
Skeletal variation and proportion
Fascial trains

Teaching Yin Yoga

Yin poses, variations and use of props
Modifications for varying limitations, contraindications and injuries
How to theme and sequence a Yin Yoga class
Practice and enrichment of teaching skills