Yin Trainings with a unique combination of anatomy, energetics and mindful teaching methods, encompassing all aspects of the practice and teachings of Yin Yoga.

 Jade Wood and Emily Baxter teach how Yin Yoga differs from other forms of Yoga asana prevalent today and be provided with a breadth of knowledge in each of these aforementioned fields, which will give you all the tools required to be an excellent Yin Yoga teacher.
We will study the poses in depth, learning how the tissues are affected as well as the energetic influences on the body.  You will also be instructed on how to sequence, work safely with injuries and teach responsibly.
Due to the nature of to the practice and study, participants often experience a transformation on various levels, this is supported by the environment and the teachers.  We create a close knit group where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self, learn from one another and share thoughts and feelings.  The groups is always emotionally supportive and at the same time, down to earth and filled with laughter.